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Welcome to our 'ZOOM' guide

This online application allows you to 'virtually' join in for our meetings.

The 'Zoom' application will need to be installed on your device (laptop, tablet, phone or PC).

This is easy to do but you will need to 'register' (it's free) to download.
I’ll be honest here, setting up zoom to work on your device, be it a PC, Laptop, Tablet or phone isn’t straightforward for anyone not used to installing software. On the upside, you only need to do it once.

There is a couple of stages to it:
1. Install the ‘App’ or programme on to your device
2. Joining a meeting

Installing the App:
This involves downloading the programme to your device. In order to do this you simply go to and find the link that says, ‘sign up’.

Enter your Email address and click ‘Sign Up’ It is free to sign up and unless you want to set up meetings or host your own, you don’t pay anything nor do they take any details. Once the form is submitted, you will get an Email from zoom which you use to activate your account.

Once this is done you can then go back to the zoom home page and ‘Sign In’ (rather than sign up) and use the email address and password you entered and you’re ready to go.

Once this is done, go to the ‘download’ link at the bottom of the page and download ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’. Depending on your browser, you may get prompt boxes rather than have to find the download link.

Joining a meeting:
Once zoom is on your device, you’ll need to know how to join a meeting. The easiest way is to close down the zoom programme and follow the next step:

By far the easiest way is to use the link that is sent out inviting you to the meeting. This is what it looks like: Click the ‘Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting’. This will start zoom and log you in to the meeting.

Alternatively, if you are already logged into your zoom account, you can select ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter the credentials for the meeting. These are the Meeting ID and Passcode you will see at the foot of the invite.
Initially, you will be placed in the ‘Waiting Room’ whilst the host (Paul in our case) admits you. This is a safety feature to make sure only Bona Fide members are allowed in.

Once in you will need to make sure your video and sound are connected. You may get a couple of prompts as you enter the meeting, just say yes to ‘Computer audio’ and video. There are some controls at the foot of the page which ‘Mute’ your sound or ‘Stop’ your video.

There are a couple of others worth exploring: the ’Reactions’ button which allows you to virtually ‘put up your hand or wave’ and a ‘Chat’ unction that allows you to text other people on the call individually or as a group.

There’s a lot to take in so I recommend you look at the videos below to get a better understanding of what you need to do:

Hope this helps.