Modern Mystic League
Blackburn & District  Society
of Magicians
AUGUST 2019 - Members' Day
This month we changed Saints, from Silas to Francis, and around half of our members gathered for the inauguration/christening/house-warming, joined by prospective new member Peter Haddad, a Professor of Psychiatry, who was warmly welcomed. 

The afternoon began with a tour of the building by the man in charge Roy Parker, who laid down a few ground rules and showed us the various facilities available.  This was followed by a cuppa, prepared by Irene and Kate, and refreshments courtesy of Norman Greenhalgh.
The magic of the day was kicked off by your scribe.  Ironically, the guy (or maybe that should be Guy) who proposed the theme of ‘act as known’ was away on one of his holidays, and I decided that, as my act and jokes are  probably too well known, I would present instead a routine inspired by George Bleeks from Northern Ireland - the Horn of Mystery or the Educated Pink Pig. It was just a bit of nonsense, but got the session off to a light-hearted start.

The first bit of ‘real’ magic was provided by President Donald, who showed our guest Peter how to get into the MML via his ingenious paper-folding effect.

Chairman Roger asked us to select an item from his ‘act as known’ repertoire, and showed us  Ultimate Brainwave from Card Shark, utilising one of the specially constructed decks for which this company is famous. 

Allan Clarke followed up with a similar concept using fewer cards and his favourite audience participation effect: Pick Me, Pick Me Not by Aldo Colombini. Allan also presented some nifty work with a silk and a length of rope unexpectedly produced from a card case, and a self-created ESP sequence based upon a domino principle from Supreme.  There was also a very useful and practical ‘mini-table’ which could be placed on a dining table already crowded with crockery.

Lorenzo next presented his ‘Wish Paper’, changing a piece of paper into a £20 note with credit to Roy Johnson.

We were delighted that Peter had come armed with a few items, beginning with the startlingly effective Sudden Deck 3 by David Regal followed by 'Double Back' from Jon Allen.  Director’s Cut involved the prediction of a film poster printed on a set of cards, with the principle explained. 

Secretary Dave Moss was up next, with two approaches he has to a table; the first a colour-changing bag (a nice alternative to the colour-changing pen-knives) which leads to the production of an object such as a pack of cards, which can then lead into the first trick.  Dave also had the three Wally Boyce colourful knitted ‘ropes’, one of which has a £20 note attached to it.  Alternatives to the note were suggested, and several anecdotes were shared about experiences when presenting close-up around dinner tables. 

Allan was also able to take us on a whistle-stop tour of the new web-site which he has developed, including video clips of things such as Mo talking to Johnny Green and Lorenzo’s Young Magician of the Year performance.  Do have a look, and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised by all there is on offer.

And so ended our first afternoon with St. Francis.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and we hope it will be the first of many.

Brian Lead
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