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2017 Programme



8th January


24th January

Tuesday Workshop

12th February

Walt Lees Lecture

16-19th Feb

Blackpool Magic Convention

28th February

Tuesday Workshop

11th March

Chorley Bowling Club Show

12th March

Chris Mayhew Lecture

28th March

Committee/Tuesday Workshop

2nd April

President's Birthday Bash  (OPEN MEETING)

8th April

MML Close Up Show at the Mytton Fold Hotel

22-23rd Apr

Northern Magic Circle Convention: Newcastle

25th April

Tuesday Workshop

14th May

Paul Voodini Lecture

23rd May

Committee/Tuesday Workshop

11th June

Chairman's Day (OPEN MEETING)

27th June

Tuesday Workshop

9th July

Geoff Newton Lecture

25th July

Committee/Tuesday Workshop

4th August

Visit to Bradford Magic Circle

13th August

Dave Andrews Lecture

22nd August

Tuesday Workshop

7-10th Sept

IBM Convention: Greenock

17th Sept

Auction of Magic

26th Sept

Committee/Tuesday Workshop

14th October

Annual Banquet: Mytton Fold Hotel

15th October

Darren McDonald Lecture

24th October

Tuesday Workshop

5th November

President's Day (OPEN MEETING)

28th Nov.

Committee/Tuesday Workshop

3rd December

Magic @ Christmas

Change from the usual date

Walt  Lees Chris  Mayhew Paul Voodini Geoff Newton Dave Andrews Darren  McDonald

Visiting Magi welcome: £5 on the door