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The MeMeL

The monthly Journal of the Modern Mystic League


We are indebted to the following:

We are very proud of our monthly magazine which has been published for over 50 years. Having adapted and improved over those years we are now pleased to be able to publish it in Digital Format.

Ron Baron

Bob Benyon

Brian Berry

Ian Brown

Allan Clarke

Trevor Dawson

Steve Eastham

Paul Guy

Lorraine Hamer

David Hemingway

Tony Hodgson

Mo Howarth

Brian Lead

Donald Monk

David Moss

Anne Walmsley

Roger Woods

The Team:

The publication of the MeMeL each month takes a fair bit if work, but it’s very much a team effort, so who does what?

Brian Lead

Editor in Chief.

Proof reader, grammar checker and all round spelling ‘B’.

Donald Monk.

Artistic Advisor.

Above average graphic artist with an eye for layouts.

Allan Clarke

Digital Editor

Content designer, visual communications and typesetting.

And of course our contributors without whom we wouldn’t have a story to tell. All members are invited to contribute articles. Indeed we invite guest contributions on any magic or allied arts topics. Why not send something in soon.

Copy should be sent to the editor in the first instance. Our target is 40 pages so there’s usually plenty of room. We wouldn’t normally split articles unless space is at a premium. If this happens we will let contributors know.

Copy dates are always being chased by errors and omissions, however, we aim to publish the magazine on the Tuesday prior to the meeting.

Of course if the meeting date advances or recedes, so does the copy date.

There’s room here for your name!

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