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September 2018


Jason Steel & Joanne Lecture

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Following a splendid performance on our after dinner cabaret, described by one regular guest as ‘the best ever’, Jason Steele delivered his first ever lecture – ably supported by Joanne as he was rapidly losing his voice.

Drawing from his extensive performing experience, Jason dealt with elements of illusion, stage magic and close-up, beginning by recreating from the previous evening his rope routine using an audience volunteer.  He then deconstructed it, going through each move meticulously and commenting upon his own additional subtleties.

Jason then dealt with the production of two balloon animals from what is essentially a Bengal net, employing a version of the black art principle.  He has permission to manufacture this item, which is a very efficient utility prop for startlingly visual productions.

Moving on to close-up, Jason introduced us to his take on the Jeff McBride liquid suspension in rolled up banknote.  By using a new ‘plastic’ £10 note with a transparent ‘widow’ already built in, orange liquid could be seen inside the created tube, even when a similarly coloured ribbon was passed through it.  The use of a transparent tube with a magnetised base instead of a thumb tip made Jason’s version an even more convincing improvement on the original concept.

The final segment of the afternoon took the form of a Question and Answer session, with the pair answering very honestly any queries raised.  We learned a great deal about the couple’s professional life and were treated to many anecdotes – one particularly hair-raising one concerning Joanne rolling towards the audience helpless in her cardboard box when a giant wave tipped a cruise ship to an angle of 45 degrees.

It was a fascinating afternoon, concluding a perfect weekend of magic.

                         Brian Lead