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1. The Society shall be called ‘The Modern Mystic League (Blackburn and District Society of Magicians)’ (herein referred to in these rules as ‘the Society’)

2. The objects of the Society shall be:-

a. To endeavour at all times to elevate the art of magic;

b. To prevent the disclosure of magical secrets or principles other than to recognised members of the magical fraternity;

c. To ensure that members do not to copy any original magical routine or effect without the consent in writing, of the originator.

d. To arrange lectures, entertainments and such other functions, and to publish the Society’s magazine (the “MeMeL”) as may be desirable for the purpose of facilitating social intercourse and the exchange of ideas between magicians.

3. The membership of the Society shall consist of amateur and professional magicians over the age of 16 years. Provision shall be made to accept Junior members between the ages of 11 and 15 for the purposes of education and training in the art of magic. (see Junior Section rules at appendix 2)

4. Every candidate for membership shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another. All applications for membership shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary and shall be signed by the candidate. Election shall be at the discretion of the Committee of the Society, whose decision shall be final. Every candidate for election must present an initiation show at the earliest opportunity by arrangement with the Honorary Secretary. The election of a candidate is subject to the presentation of an initiation show of a suitable standard. If the Committee of the Society considers an application for membership unsuitable, they may reject the application without giving reasons to the candidate.

5. The Society shall be managed by a Committee of members. The following officers of the Society shall be members of the Committee:

a. The President

b. The Chairman

c. The Honorary Secretary

d. The Honorary Treasurer

e. The Honorary Librarian

f. The Editor of the “MeMeL” (the Society’s magazine)

g. The Concert Secretary

h. The immediate Past President (for a period of one year following term of office)

i. The President Elect

j. The Webmaster

In addition, at least two other members of the Society shall be members of the Committee.

The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Such members are elected for a period of one year. In the event of termination by resignation or otherwise, the Committee shall have the power to fill any office pro tem. The retiring members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election at the next AGM.

6. The annual subscription shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting in each year. Upon payment of the same a member shall be issued with a membership card, or receipt, valid for the ensuing year.

7. Such entrance fees as the Committee may determine shall be payable by a candidate who has been elected a member and shall be paid with the first annual subscription. No candidate who has been elected a member shall be entitled to the privileges of membership until payment of the entrance fee (if any) and the first annual subscription. If the entrance fee (if any) and the subscription are not paid within one month after notice shall have been sent informing the member of election, such election shall be void.

8. Annual Subscriptions for a particular year are due in January of that year. Any member who has not paid his or her subscriptions by June 1st of that year, and who has neglected to comply with a written request for payment within one month after the same shall have been sent to them, shall cease to be a member on the expiration of such one month period, unless a reason satisfactory to the Committee shall be given for the delay, and notice shall be printed in the “MeMeL”. Members joining part way through a year will pay Pro-Rata subscriptions based on quarterly intervals.

9. Unless otherwise stated, all meetings of the Society are open to members only. Recognised members of the magical fraternity may use and enjoy the facilities of the Society upon invitation of a member of the Society as visitors upon payment of a proper visitors’ fee determined by the Committee. Such visitors shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of members.

10. The Society shall have power at the Annual General Meeting to elect as Honorary Life Members, without payment of any further subscriptions, any member of the magical fraternity who shall, in the opinion of the Society, have rendered distinguished service to the Society. There shall not be more than 6 honorary members at one time.

11. The Society shall have power at the Annual General Meeting to elect as Associate Members, without payment of any subscriptions, any person who shall, in the opinion of the Society, have rendered exceptional service to the Society.

Associate Members will be entitled to receive a reduced price ticket for the Annual Dinner of the Society and to receive "The MeMeL" (the magazine of the Society). Associate membership will not carry any voting rights. Associate Membership will be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting. There shall not be more than 6 Associate Members at one time. Associate Members will not be entitled to attend closed meetings of the Society unless attending under the provisions of Rule 9.

12. A member wishing to resign from the Society must give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary and must return any library books or other property of the Society and notice shall be printed in the “MeMeL”. Any member who resigns and thereafter seeks re-election shall be regarded as a new candidate for membership under rule 4.

13. The Committee shall have power to expel any member of the Society who shall offend against the rules of the Society, or whose conduct shall in the opinion of the Committee render that member unfit for membership of the Society. Before any such member is expelled the Honorary Secretary shall give the member notice of at least seven days in writing to attend a meeting of the Committee to answer complaints made against him or her. At least 75% of the committee must vote in favour of expulsion before this is carried out.

14. No member whose membership has been terminated under this rule or who owes money to the Society shall be introduced by any other member as a visitor.

15. The Committee shall have the power to alter the rules, but no such alteration shall take effect until the same has been confirmed at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.

16. An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in January in every year to transact the following business:-

a. To receive the reports of the officers of the Society.

b. To install the President of the Society for the ensuing year.

c. To elect the President-Elect for the following year.

d. To elect the officers and other members of the Committee.

e. To receive and, if approved, to adopt a duly audited statement of the accounts of the Society to the end of the preceding year and to fix the subscription rate for the ensuing year.

f. To consider and, if approved, sanction any duly made alteration of the rules.

g. To deal with any special matter which the Committee desire to bring before the members and to receive suggestions from members for consideration by the Committee.

17. A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee, and shall be convened within one month from the receipt of a requisition in writing signed by not less than 7 members specifying the object of the meeting for any of the following purposes: a.To consider and, if approved, sanction any duly made alteration of the rules. b.To deal with any special matter which the Committee may desire to place before the members; including the expulsion of a member. c.To receive the resignation of the Committee or to remove any member or members thereof from office and to fill any vacancy or vacancies caused thereby. d.To deal with any special matter which the members requiring the meeting may desire to place before the Society.

Notice convening a Special General Meeting shall be sent to the members not less than one month before the meeting and shall specify the matters to be dealt with. 18.At committee meetings and at general meetings the Chairman shall preside, or in the absence of the Chairman another member present shall be elected to preside, and whosoever presides shall have a casting or additional vote in the event of an equality of votes.

19. The President of the Society shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in the year preceding that of his or her term of office from amongst those members willing to serve as President of the Society who shall have been members of the Society for a period of at least three years. This selection shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

20. The Honorary Secretary shall conduct all correspondence and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of each meeting which shall be read and confirmed at the next meeting, and shall keep the records of the Society, to be open to inspection by the members at all reasonable times.

21. Members shall notify the Honorary Secretary of any change of their address or telephone number and notice shall be printed in the “MeMeL”.

22.The Honorary Treasurer shall make a record of all the financial transactions of the Society, the same to be open to inspection by the members at all reasonable times. Audited accounts to be presented at the A.G.M.

23.The Committee may appoint sub-committees and depute to them any of its powers except those relating to the election and expulsion of members.

24.At Committee meetings, three shall form a quorum. At General Meetings, ten shall form a quorum.  

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1. Membership of the Library is open to all members of the Society. Up to 3 books or DVD’s may be borrowed at one time.

2. Books and DVD’s are loaned for a period of one month. They may be retained after that time at the sole discretion of the Honorary Librarian.

3. The loan charge set by the Committee per month per book or video is payable in advance to the Honorary Librarian.

4. Books and DVD’s should be taken out of the library with permission of the Honorary Librarian or his nominated deputy, who will ensure that the appropriate records are kept.

5. Reference works are not for loan but may be consulted when the library is open at the sole discretion of the Honorary Librarian.

6. All books and DVD’s must be cared for and, while on loan, become the responsibility of the borrower.

7. Upon any member of the Society ceasing to be a member any library books or DVD’s must be returned to the Honorary Librarian forthwith. The Society reserves the right to recover the cost and expense of replacing library books or DVD’s.

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Aims and Objectives :-

1.To promote the art of magic among young people and provide a safe and encouraging environment in which to learn.

2.To offer coaching, mentoring and support to young people interested in the field of Magic and the Allied Arts.

3.To organise lectures, events and workshops for junior members to improve their skills and develop their full potential.

4.To discourage intentional disclosure of magical secrets other than to bona fide magicians and other students of the art.


Membership of the MML Junior section shall be open to suitable young people aged between 11 and 15 years. Membership shall be limited to a maximum of 10 young people at any one time.

 Membership of the Junior Section shall be by application only.

Young people wishing to join the MML should have a genuine interest in Magic and shall be prepared to uphold the Rules of the Society. Applicants should be able to achieve a regular attendance at meetings, have full parental support and be able to sign a declaration confirming parental or guardian approval.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate a basic level of magical skill and ability and shall be accepted on the basis that they will be subject to on-going assessment as to the development of their skills and abilities. All members will be subject to a three month probationary period of such assessment.

Once accepted, Membership fees for the junior section shall be 50% of the full member fees as determined at the AGM in January of each year. Junior membership shall entitle members to attend all MML meetings and events. On reaching the age of 16 years, it is expected that Junior members will become full members of the League, subject to the rules regarding entry as a full member of the Society.

Standards and Expectations.

Junior members shall be aware at all times, that they represent the Modern Mystic League and shall conduct themselves accordingly. All junior members are expected to behave in an acceptable manner during MML meetings and events. Junior members are expected, wherever possible to support the League in any events and activities.


Meetings commence at 1pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month prior to the regular MML meeting except December, when no meeting will be held. Meetings will run for approximately 45 minutes and members will be expected to demonstrate at least one piece of magic at each meeting.

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Society Awards

The Fred Mills Challenge Cup is awarded to the winner of the Stage or Close-up competition. First awarded in 1947 it is a popular event that is re-entering the Society Calendar.

The Les Brooks Memorial Shield is awarded for the best contribution to the Society Magazine. Members vote on their First and Second preferences. The member with the most first preference votes wins the Shield. In the event of a tie, the member who has the most second preference votes becomes the winner.

The Maurice Howarth ‘Tyro’ Trophy is awarded to the Junior member who has made most progress during the year. It is a merit award based on enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and perform. Voting is a combination of Organisers and Junior members own views.