December 2018

Thirty children, along with many others young-at-heart, descended upon our HQ for the annual Christmas party.  There was a beaver pack (colony?) from the Fylde, a number of pupils from the local primary school and assorted ‘family and friends’.

The curtains opened to reveal a long table groaning with magic apparatus, worthy of a dealer’s stand at Blackpool. President Anne Walmsley, as Magik-An, demonstrated all of these to a delighted audience.  Colourful ribbons cascaded from a dove pan into a parasol, botania bloomed and a number of transparent boxes containing more flowers emerged from an apparently empty bag.  There was a magic colouring book, ‘Flip-Flap’, and a self-solving Rubik’s Cube as well as silk to rose, floating rose and lollies dispensed from an empty ‘Chinese tube’. The Oriental theme was echoed with a willow-patterned plate, complemented by a charming sequence in which lights were plucked from the air.

Donald the Average completed the first half with his ‘Farmer and the Witch’ transformation illusion using two specially-chosen audience volunteers, telling the story of Mary Trotter and introducing elements from Hogwarts.

Part two, following refreshments and the raffle, saw Paul Guy taking to the stage with his invisible pet, Terri, and a version of ‘Run Santa Run’, in which Santa rather than a rabbit scurried from house to house to the delight of the children. Then it was time to find the correctly coloured nose for Rudolf, after a lot of near misses with other colours.  In the end, as the song says, it even glowed!
Brian Lead
There was just time to magically solve a jig-saw puzzle before Santa rang to say he was on the way, having been diverted to Blackpool.  His sleigh sat-nav had apparently confused it with Blackburn.

Father Christmas finally emerged magically from a series of screens with the help of Uncle Donald and his elf assistant Francesca.  At one time, the man in red had thought he may not be able to make it owing to other work commitments and had arranged for a stand-in, but in the end the real Santa was able to be there after all, helped by Joe Gilmour.  As befits a magic party, he distributed gifts of simple magic tricks rather than sweets, in the hope that some of the recipients will be able to learn them and perform them for us next year.  All that was needed to round off a perfect event was a snow storm, admirably conjured up by our magical techie Craig.

Your scribe oversaw the proceedings with the help of Marmalade the Monkey and Fred the Flea, and Bob Benyon was on hand to create and give away his attractive balloon models.  Roger and Irene were thanked for manning the kitchen, as were the host of other helpers who had contributed to the smooth running of the day.
Modern Mystic League
Blackburn & District Society of Magicians