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May  2018


Magicbox Dealer Day

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'Coin to Deck' and the 'Vanishing Deck' were both examples of first-rate thinking and workmanship, then we had the 'Memorised deck' from the 'Mind Over Matter' DVD of Daniel Dorian Johnson.  The session rounded off with the ESP 'Do As I Do' of John Carey.

The lads didn't just push items for sale, but taught a number of moves and tricks with everyday items and were prepared to reveal the modus operandi of effects which would have been difficult, if not impossible, to make. They also gave out a free set of ESP cards (perfect for the Carey) and donated a handful of items to the raffle.

Members were delighted by the whole Magic Box presentation, and many purchases followed in consequence.

A perfect day was further augmented by a veritable feast from Carl in the kitchen, not only comprising pies and pasties but also mini-sausages, quiches, Scotch eggs, salad items and a range of pickles!

                                         Brian Lead

Our largest turn-out for some time greeted Kris and Tom from Magic Box in Newcastle.  

Hitting the ground running, Tom, a very personable young man who had made a good impression at the Northern Magic Circle Summit a few weeks earlier with his Rubik's Cube routines, presented the snappy, attention-grabbing 'Poker Test', followed by 'Lolly Hero', in which a sucked lolly transforms itself into the shape of a super-hero. His first set finished with '52 to 1'.

Kris took over with flash raffle tickets, which turned into the prize in a burst of flame - in this case, another lolly! The two lolly effects had the potential to be merged into a confectionery-based sequence.  'Heads Off' also employed a flash effect to reinstate a King's head, while a nifty gimmick allowed an instantaneous card-change in mid-air.

Tom showed an up-date of the old ash-on-hand effect using a Sharpie and called 'Double Cross'. 'Departure' was his favourite take on the 'Ring Flight' concept, while 'Wire-gram' produced a few intakes of breath as the value of a cad (the 2 or 7 of Hearts) slowly emerged, cleanly and visibly,  from a piece of wire.  This was followed by some telephone magic which enthralled the youngsters but perplexed and bemused the Oldies.

Part two kicked off with an ultra-smooth card-to-wallet followed by 'Switch Box' - a mint container which was quite expensive but could very easily be broken.  Hmmm. 'Paper Cut' by Tony Parx was next, then came 'Instant Stooge', based on an effect from the Jack Parker/Andi Gladwin book '52 Memories', which was also on sale.

Rubik's Cube had to make an appearance.  This craze seems to be staging a bit of a come-back, and we saw 'The Solution' and 'Perfect Square' in the hands of Tom.  'Quiver' was a sort of changing purse, and 'Pro-Pick' involved the rather quirky prediction of a guitar plectrum belonging to a famous performer.