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APRIL  2018


Carl Royle Lecture

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Among other items, Carl had a nifty pen vanish, an 'Animal Surprise' prediction sequence and a sneaky peek effect using business cards.  He even managed to make 'IMAGINE' do what it says on the DVD box!   

All in all this was a very stimulating afternoon, packed with ideas and presented with Carl's energy and enthusiasm.  Those are attributes you can't buy, of course, but everyone came away with something.

                                         Brian Lead

This month we bade a warm welcome to Carl Royle, with his well-reviewed lecture 'How I Feed My Children'.

Terry Seabrooke once remarked that if he picked up just one item from a lecture then it was well worth attending; so he would have been delighted with this offering, which included some very usable items, from the close-up optical illusion of 'Shrink', in which a metal ball 'shrank' both visibly and physically, to a wonderfully deceptive card force credited to Fred Kaps.

Carl began with his trade-mark 'Gold Cup Con', which he has performed for no lesser luminaries than Prince Philip and the King of Jordan - with repeat bookings! This is the very close-up version with a small cup and worked on the hand, the loads being a red ball (subsequently proved to be solid) and a genuine golf ball. All such routines, of course, contain the obligatory Paul Daniels slow motion 'action replay' sequence.  It must be in the small print.

Carl also did some effective work with the 'Crazy Man's Handcuffs' (elastic bands!), releasing his wedding ring from them to appear back on his hand.

Then there was the Card of Mystery in the Circle of Awesomeness.  Maybe you just had to be there.

Carl emphasised the need for short, high-impact tricks in the walk-round market, and told the hair-raising tale of turning up at a wedding venue without his props . . . and how he survived!  He favours card tricks which don't seem to be card tricks, and used a new version of the Kennedy card box to create a powerful effect.

Wayne Dobson's 'Flick' (a bit like Cardtoon but without the final revelation of the card) was developed into an 'Easy Index' stunner.  In fact, Carl is a great advocate of the card index, which he employs in many different contexts, and having the cards folded already eliminates the need for the Mercury Card Fold.