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March  2018


Peter Roberts Lecture

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Last of all (you couldn't follow it)came a Spoonerised rendition of the of Cinderella story in which Rindecella ended up with the Pransome Hince.

Peter obviously works a lot in the real world, as his many anecdotes testified, and this was a wonderful display of intimate, close-up and walk-round magic.  There were some items available for purchase at the end, but all at very reasonable prices.

President Anne thanked Peter for a couple of hours very well spent.

                                         Brian Lead

A goodly number of appreciative members assembled on Mothering Sunday to welcome Peter Roberts from Todmorden.  Although from just the wrong side of the county border, Peter is an old friend of the League, having attended some of our previous events; and even though a Yorkshireman he was generous with his tips and advice.

Peter began with 'Grandad's Trick', a sort of three-card monte using Plasti Dip - a multi-purpose rubber spray available from Halfords (or Amazon - Peter's preferred magic store)which acted as a type of roughing fluid, even though I doubt that this was intended to be one of its multi purposes. Anyway, it was an ingenious solution which allowed for very smooth handling.

Peter's next effect, this time using Polymorph, involved a half crown and an old penny.

An ambitious card sequence followed, with the chosen card not only being signed and bent but being filled with holes.  As it surfaced the optical illusion was spectacular, giving the clear impression that it had passed right through the pack.

Peter's speciality is magic with rubber bands, some very effective moves being demonstrated but not explained before we were treated to some nifty work with a pair of dice using a simple but deceptive dice-rolling move.

Part two brought a card box being used as a wand (Peter confessing that, as a Yorkshireman, he was too mean to buy one)but this was cleverly gimmicked to give it magnetic qualities.  A folded card which  reversed itself as it passed through a folded banknote earned a nod to Bruce Cervon, and this theme was developed further with the aptly-named 'A Wiggle, a Twist and a Push'.

A neat Professor's Nightmare had the added twist of appearing knots, while there was some unknotting silk work and an amusing 'Sam Spade' sequence with all manner of puns derived from the apparently random sequence of cards which contrived to tell a story. Peter traced this concept back to the eighteenth century