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January 2018



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Topics covered at our AGM ranged from banquet details to suggestions for refurbishing our headquarters.  We don't always see eye to eye, but all is carried out with good-natured humour and banter.

After reviewing his year, President Ian Brown handed his chain of office over to Anne Walmsley and Donald Monk was announced as President Elect.  Officers gave their reports, and the committee was re-elected en bloc, working on the principle that if something is working well there's no need to tinker with it.

It was proposed, and unanimously agreed, that John Pye, with fifty years of membership, should be invited to join Debbie McGee as an Hon Vice President, and Tony Hodgson was awarded the Les Brooks trophy for his MeMeL contributions in absentia.

The League has a full calendar of meetings, shows and events to look forward to, and we now know who will be responsible for the refreshments each month.  Carl will be bringing his pies in May!

Irene and Kate were thanked for keeping us refreshed at this meeting, and for all their help in the kitchen over the year.  

                                              Brian Lead