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September 2017

Our auction meeting brought in several unfamiliar faces - not just guests from afar but also some members we have not seen for some time.  It was good to welcome them all.

There were half a dozen vendors and well over 400 items, so our expert auctioneer Brian Berry did very well to get through them all (without a break) in under four hours.

Lots covered the usual range, from half a dozen pens-through-banknote and a smattering of chop cups to a bag of assorted thumb tips and some lovely unused Practical Magic items.  Many sales were from the Poundland range, but others topped the £30 mark.  All were in very good condition, including an unopened (?) Dynamo magic box, Mark Shortland's 'Gallows' book test and a silver dove pan with spring feather flowers.  Donald even managed to get rid of his comedy legs table at last. I was assured that some of the books on offer were commanding ten times their sum on eBay, and these were supplemented by a goodly number of DVDs, packet tricks and assorted decks of cards.

Traditionally, one of the main features of this day is its good humour and camaraderie, and we were sustained throughout by tea, coffee and biscuits from the indefatigable Irene and Kate.

President Ian thanked all concerned and, putting on his other hat as Treasurer, went home to count the takings.


 Brian Lead



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