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APRIL 2017

Many members accepted President Ian Brown's invitation to his 70th (or 7th?) birthday party, joining with Ian's children, grandchildren and extended family and friends.  There were 1950s sweets, a wonderful cake, sandwiches, jelly and blancmange, plenty of balloons and 'family album' photographs . . . and, of course, magic.

First up was Donald the Average, giving a young helper the 'Chance of a Lifetime' before producing a coin from behind an ear - which was produced first! There was a 'Pasta da Parcel' sequence, with translations from the Carcione family, torn an restored tissue (with cod explanation), a colour changing silks gag, a routine involving an assistant following cue cards and a rendition of the dear old Vanishing Bandana effect.  All vintage Donald.

Paul Guy followed, with his doggy companion presenting the horizontal stiff rope and managing to pick out a bone from other foodstuffs.  There was an amusing magic painting sequence with Ian (now dressed as a 7-year-old schoolboy), a sort of jigsaw puzzle with artwork by D the A and the classic Silver Sceptre as well as Thomas the Tank Engine, who came to life before our very eyes.  Again, vintage PG.

Following an extensive raffle, Lorenzo presented the act which he was taking to the Young Magician of the Year final the following week, showing an immense amount of work and preparation . . . and inspiring a couple of young audience members to come along to the MML and take up magic as Juniors! Doves were produced, singly and in pairs, canes and candles appeared and soap bubbles became solid and multiplied.  Lorenzo has developed a classic silent act, enhanced by the original music of member Trevor Greenwood, and was roundly applauded for his efforts.

All parties must come to an end, of course, and soon we were clearing away and giving thanks to Irene and Kate for their expertise in the kitchen.

Many happy returns.

     Brian Lead


President’s Birthday Bash

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