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April 2017

Hi everyone!

Thank you very much for all your wonderful good wishes, letters, cards, emails and calls which I received in connection with my appearance in the Young Magician of the Year final.

I must say what an experience the competition was. As you may know, I did encounter some difficulties (including a bad ear infection) but the camaraderie among all the competitors was excellent, and the compere, Elizabeth Rogan, was particularly helpful and supportive.

I liked to see the competition as a goal, especially seeing how much my act improved over the space of a few months with the help from everyone in the Modern Mystic League. I was up against some very strong competition, and it was nice to see how other juniors performed and how I could improve in the future.

I was genuinely honoured to perform on the Gala Show of the Northern Magic Circle in Newcastle, in the beautiful 150-year-old Tyne Theatre and Opera House. It was a much more positive experience and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of that event. The organisers, stage workers and members of the event were incredibly professional, helpful and very supportive. It really felt like the whole event was about the love and passion for magic. I am very happy to have been made a member of the Northern Magic Circle and hope to work alongside them in the future along with the Modern Mystic League. A big thank you to everyone involved.

Also thank you to Trevor Greenwood who spent a lot of time working on my music for the act. I am sure a lot more magicians may be asking for his talents.

I am genuinely grateful to everyone in the Modern Mystic League who have given your time and support to help me. I know how lucky I am to live just twenty minutes away from the world's greatest magic club, and to be part of the MML family.

Thank you again, and all the best!

Lorenzo Carcione


Lorenzo Carcione @ The Magic Circle

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Lorenzo Carcione did the MML proud with his skilful performance at the Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year final on April 9th.

Roses appeared in flashes of flame, candles and canes multiplied, airborne bubbles became solid, cards were manipulated, doves appeared, singly and in pairs, and water challenged the laws of physics when poured into a newspaper; all to the accompaniment of music specially composed by Trevor Greenwood.

Lorenzo was unfortunate not to make it into one of the top three places, but to earn a spot in this prestigious show was no mean feat, and this talented young man is to be heartily congratulated.

Although some aspects of the competition’s organisation were less than inspiring, Lorenzo was heartened by the camaraderie which existed between all of the contestants and praised the support given by the compere Elizabeth Rogan, who was placed third in the competition in 2013.