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January 2017



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Owing to heating failure, our 2017 AGM was held in the magnificent surroundings of St. Silas's church, with the back-drop of a Burne-Jones stained glass window.

As usual, Officers recapped the previous year and we looked forward to future events.  The committee was reappointed 'on block', with the addition of Lorenzo Carcione and Donald (the Average) Monk as Press, Publicity and Marketing Officers. A Welfare post had also been set up during the year, covered by Ricky Reidy.  Roger Woods resumed the position of Chairman, leaving Brian Lead as 'just' the Concert Secretary and MeMeL Editor.

It was a particular pleasure to learn that Debbie McGee had agreed to follow in Paul's footsteps and maintain our link with him by becoming an Honorary Vice President, alongside Trevor Dawson, who has been a League member for 64 years and has served on the committee in virtually every capacity. In addition, we were pleased to make Joe Gilmour an Associate Member in recognition of all he has done for the MML, establishing the web-site and standing in for Father Christmas when the great man himself has not been available.  Johnny Hart, a member in his early years when he was the first to win the Young Magician of the Year competition, and Sooty, who has been inspiring young magicians for generations, were also honoured by becoming Honorary Members.

Following a moving tribute to Mo Howarth and those who had supported him over the past two years, Roger Woods handed the Presidential chain of office on to Ian Brown, and Anne Walmsley assumed the position of President Elect.

Paul Guy won the Les Brooks award for his splendid series of articles in the MeMeL.

The afternoon was not without magic, as Paul Hilton and John Farnworth presented their initiation performances, both showing considerable potential, and Carl Pearson presented his act for membership of the Magic circle.

Irene and Kate were on hand to deal with the refreshments, which was greatly appreciated, and the meeting closed with the feel-good feeling of an exciting year in prospect.  

                                              Brian Lead