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September 2016

Sunday Workshop

A somewhat depleted group of thirteen members (lucky for some) turned out for our Sunday workshop meeting.  Unfortunately, Wednesday workshop stalwarts Allan, Roger and Ricky were unable to be present.  Their advice could have been useful on occasions, but nevertheless a good time was had by all.

Brian began, recounting his experiences of compering the evening show on the first day of the British Ring Convention at Buxton, and Ron Baron contributed further observations about other sessions, including the Sooty Show, the International Gala and Stars of the Future.  The whole event had been an enjoyable experience, and it was a surprise that so few MMLers had attended at this attractive northern venue.

Ian Brown had brought along some wooden trolleys to enable us to retrieve the equipment more easily from beneath the stage, and Donald Monk demonstrated a wonderfully inventive legs table/container which he was hoping to sell.

Anne Walmsley requested help with the 'Ace' card effect which she had purchased recently, and spoke about the 'Picture This' routine which had worked so well on cruises.  She also asked for advice on the presentation of a mirror-ball Zombie, and various sources were suggested.

Norman Greenhalgh amazed the company with 'Trilogy Supreme' from Alakazam Magic, which had everyone guessing before the ingenious method was revealed and discussed.

Trevor Greenwood then held an impromptu origami workshop, with us all fashioning a frog from a playing card; the Frog Prince from Michael Close's 'Workers' volume.

The September 'Key Ring' magazine had mentioned the Irish magician Vincent Finucane, with a plea for members to create a limerick which could help to cheer him up.  Well, Bob Benyon had written no fewer than nine, and delighted us all by reading them out.

David Hemingway popped up at timely intervals throughout the afternoon with anecdotes, reminiscences, gags, and even a bit of verse of his own.

All in all, there was variety, good companionship and plenty of humour . . . and thanks to Craig for stepping in to take the photos as a record of the event.

                             Brian Lead