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June 2016

Chairman’s Day - Mahatma SOciety

Brian Lead's Chairman's Day this year took the form of a reciprocal show by The Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle following the MML visit to them in February. Mahatma presented a varied stage show compered by Keith Wells, a Past President.

The first act was Rick and Carol Tynan with a version of the Afghan bands, the hydrostatic glass (precariously balanced above Brian's head!) and a sword box placed on Carol's head. Keith then did his own spot with a part of a presentation he does for schools and businesses on positive thinking illustrated by magic and maths and some optical illusions. Dr Matteo Borrini, who is a forensic scientist, followed on a 'Sherlock Holmes' theme with readings of borrowed objects and sensing who had coloured balls and in which hand. Unfortunately his last effect with a story of vampires did not seem to work.

Finally Mr Trix the Magical Clown with some colourful children's magic including a rabbit production, silver sceptre, floating M&M and a breakdown rabbit vanish. He had some great lines and did not talk down to the children which I thought was really good. So, a mixed bag of entertainment and a pleasant afternoon was had by all. Carol Tynan, President of the Mahatma, thanked the MML for the visit and President of the MML, Roger Woods thanked them and our Chairman Brian Lead for organising the afternoon. We look forward to more inter society visits with our friends from Liverpool in the future.

                                       ROGER WOODS