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May 2016

Mark Foster from Mission Magic gave a lecture to the Society on 8th May. It was not just a dealer demonstration as Mark shared many ideas with us. Mission Magic specialises in gospel magic, so Mark was able to show how storytelling and magic can be combined in a creative way.

Throughout his presentation Mark asked a number of questions such as ‘What is a magician?’ and ‘How can you tell a story?’ and gave lots of tips and advice. He demonstrated a magic box, a cube box, the boomerang illusion and a Rubik’s cube effect for starters. The ball vase and a balancing item followed. The only card trick was “Cross Card” where a named card is found marked with a cross.

Sponge magic featured next, and then Kovari’s pom pom stick. Mark showed his favourite effect ’ Ali Bongo’s Hat’ from which he gets lots of business as the children try on all kinds of funny hats. Silk effects closed the first half.

After the refreshments and the raffle Mark talked about various magic wands showing, amongst others, two nice production wands. He emphasised that Mission Magic do not sell anything the three partners do not use themselves. A nice production item from a paper bag was followed by Mission Magic’s version of the Colouring Book and ‘The Mystery of the Empty Tomb, a changing envelope system that can be customised to different pictures.

Some nice change bags were demonstrated next. Anne helped by showing the silk flower, after which Mark showed ‘Wonders of the World’ - a large prediction card effect which again can be customised to many themes.

Mark Foster from Mission Magic

Mark demonstrated some ingenious paper cutting before showing a range of cute puppets including a dog, a bird and Lucy the rabbit. He finished by showing his signature item ‘ball through glass, which is ingenious. All Mission Magic props are well made and carry a 12 months unconditional guarantee, and it looked like Mark did some good business when he moved to the sales tables. So, a very pleasant afternoon in nice company with lots of magic ideas added.

Check out for more details of Mission Magic and their products.

                                       Roger Woods