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March 2016

It was a pleasure to welcome a number if guests to our March meeting, which took the form of an auction thanks to the generosity of Mo Howarth and Bryce Lea.  Mo had donated a life-time of magical effects to the League, and Bryce many books from his library.

Bidding was brisk, in the hands of expert auctioneers Trevor Dawson and Brian Berry.  There were around 280 lots, from valuable books and Mo's signature routine of the 'cut and restored inner tube' to 'lucky bags' of cards, thumb tips and false fingers which went for 50p or £1.  There was even a set of large linking rings which raised a good price even though there was a split in one of them.  At the end of the day the debt collectors Ian Brown and Allan Clarke were able to report takings of in excess of £1,400, which was a remarkable achievement for little over three hours' work.

President Roger concluded the day by thanking our benefactors, Mo and Bryce, auctioneers Brian and Trevor, Allan and Ian for handling the money and Irene and Kate for maintaining a continuous supply of tea and biscuits.

There was even a bit of actual magic, with previous Junior member James Hutchinson presenting his initiation show before the sale commenced.  I only wish I could do some of the things he got up to with a pack of cards; even surviving the helping hand of Donald the Average as a volunteer assistant. I'm not a mentalist, but I think I can safely predict that we will be welcoming a new Full member into the MML fold at our next meeting.                      Brian Lead

Grand Auction of Books & Props