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January 2016

January saw another AGM come and go, reflecting upon a most satisfactory year and looking forward to a host of new ideas and initiatives.

Having been static for a number of years, the subscription rate was raised to reflect current expenditure.  

Sadly, Maurice Howarth will be unable to take up the Presidency as planned, and so Roger Woods and Brian Lead have agreed to stay on for a further twelve months as President and Chairman respectively. . . but the year is being dedicated to Maurice and he will never be far from our thoughts.

The President Elect is current Treasurer Ian Brown, and Ricky Reidy agreed to consider taking on the new post of Welfare Officer.

Your scribe was delighted to be the recipient of the Les Brooks Trophy for contributions to the MeMeL, and Lorenzo Carcione was awarded Mo Howarth’s Junior Trophy, receiving it very graciously and giving a mature and heartfelt ‘thank you’ speech.  It was a pleasure to learn that Lorenzo will be taking up a place to study at a training college allied to the BBC and adjacent to Media City.

There was the usual amount of good-natured banter, and even the refreshment rota was filled with willing volunteers. There was no magic, apart from the very real magic of friendship and camaraderie . . . but there is plenty on the horizon.

                      Brian Lead



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