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Trevor Duffy

There was a good turnout of members and visitors for Trevor Duffy’s lecture despite a number of apologies from those travelling to the IBM Convention at Eastbourne. Trevor comes from South Africa and last lectured to the MML some nine years ago. Tonight’s lecture was excellent. Trevor explained that many of his creations came about to meet a need and he hoped that the lecture would be fun and challenge us as well.

He began with “Double Your Money” where a borrowed £5 note from me was first torn in half and then restored and changed into £10 which he then gave me! I don’t recall this happening before in watching magic for over 50 years! Trevor explained the psychology behind this gift; it certainly grabs the interest and attention of the audience. He showed his use of a thumb tip with some extra touches with credit to Michael Ammar where necessary. I noticed Trevor was scrupulous in his crediting throughout his lecture and with his products.

“Peas and Pears' is a coincidence effect where using his “Phil” cards principle a card with “Pears” printed on the reverse is matched (eventually) with a can of pears initially labelled as a can of peas. This is quite a strong effect.

Trevor’s presentation of the “Invisible Deck” used some novel patter lines and enabled him to demonstrate his “Deck Dropper” device which delivers the deck when necessary. He then vanished the deck at the end using a Topit.

'Magic Blood' is a great street magic item where Trevor apparently made a cut on my arm which bled profusely but was then restored to normal. This uses an ingenious mixture of chemicals which create fake blood and luckily the knife was totally blunt! Fortunately, as I explained to Trevor, I have not inherited one of the traits of some of my ancestors to faint out cold at the sight of blood!

Trevor Duffy Lecture

Trevor also showed how he produced smoke at will using his device “Smokey Magic Version 2”. The first version he showed us on his last visit used chemicals (I wondered how he got them through customs!) but the new version is based on a cartridge for an e-cigarette. It’s a good device for any magician wanting to produce smoke to enhance effects.

The first half of the lecture concluded with Trevor’s version of the “Six Card Repeat” using his special thin cards. After he explained a few of the products he had for sale we had a break for refreshments.

Trevor opened the second half with a story about going to see hippopotami in Africa which led to him presenting Brian with a nice carving of a hippopotamus as a thank you gift for arranging the lecture – another nice touch.

He spoke about some of his philosophy and motivation for magic stressing his use of personal affirmations and also the need to create ‘magic moments’ for our audiences. Several coin moves followed including the apparent production of a coin from the spectator’s wine glass. Trevor uses large dollar coins for visibility.

Trevor is well known for inventing the “Phil” deck using thin cards and he then explained the “Phil” family of tricks which is now available. There are a number of versions which can be customised. He concluded by showing us his “Happy Birthday” card trick which leaves the volunteer with a personal memento.

President Roger gave a vote of thanks and Trevor was then open for business. I was pleased to see a supply of his magic mats for sale amongst his items so just had to buy another one! Well, what would you do when he had given me money? Further details about Trevor and his products are available on his web site and many of his items can be purchased from UK dealers.