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‘Barrow boys’

On 13th May an intrepid band of MMLers made its way down the Furness Peninsula (reputedly the longest cul-de-sac in the UK) to entertain the North Western Society of Magicians in its centenary year.

I compered with a mixture of sight gags and vent – including some jokes I probably used almost 50 years ago when I was a member of the Barrow Boys myself!

Brian Berry kicked off with his slick road signs, signature cups-and-balls and the Czechoslovakian Three Card Trick.  (There was an Irishman the audience!)  Harry Moulding, the youngest member present, entertained with some body magic, six card repeat and vanished ring in orange; very well received by an appreciative audience.

Next up was Allan Clarke with a mental theme, an historical date being predicted along with many other numbers and cards.  Roger Woods presented his slick chop cup routine, concluding with the prediction of a card on a slice of toast, chosen from a shuffled loaf of bread!

Paul Guy always comes up with something different, and this occasion was no exception.  He had already introduced the show with a specially-designed prop promoting the League and now, as well as some fun with numbered blocks, he produced a congratulatory message for the Barrow Boys following some fun and confusion with a spelling game.

D the A (Donald Monk) brought up the rear (who can follow him?) with his usual blend of quirky  comedy and real mystery.  He (and we) had fun again with the ‘Donkey Derby’ and he just about remembered to find a destroyed ten pound note in a balloon.

The whole thing was rounded off with a splendid buffet and, as I said in conclusion, if the audience had enjoyed themselves half as much as we had done, then we had enjoyed ourselves twice as much as they had.

North West Society of magicians