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December 2015

Our December meeting brought the usual festive mixture of magic and mirth, stirred into a veritable Christmas pudding of prestidigitation by our very own Donald the Average, acting as compere.

We opened with a rousing sing-song as we all became members of Donald’s gang for the afternoon, and he held the show together with items including comedy no-tear paper and static spoons, performed with the assistance of a young lady and gentleman from the audience.  Donald also presented his shadow tent to produce Father Christmas – only to find he had mistaken Blackpool for Blackburn . . . but he was on his way.

The tent did produce Lorenzo Carcione, who had opened the show in splendid style with his debut performance in front of the MML crowd.  To say that he wowed everyone would be an understatement.  Lorenzo looked elegant and carried off the whole act professionally, from the production of bubbles/glass balls to manipulation, cane, candle and pole appearances and the appearance of a white rabbit and two doves; the latter being vanished faultlessly along with their cage.  It was good to see the influence of lecturers, classic performers such as Jeff McBride and other bearers of advice.  Lorenzo has obviously listened, learned and adapted. We will be seeing a lot more of this young gentleman, and I won’t be surprised if he wins some prizes along the way.

Also on the bill was our very own Guy de Paul; the alias of word and trick-twister Paul Guy.  Paul had a topical take on the Magic Compass, a spelling routine which ended in ‘success’, and some fun with his pet English sheep-dog and Disney characters – culminating in some jolly dancing toys being produced from Santa’s Magic Sleigh.  All too soon, it seemed, he had to pack up and return to the land of fantasy, magic and delight.  Some people call it Bacup.

Magic @ Christmas

Santa finally did arrive, of course, to the joy of all (Joe Gilmour had put him right), and we even threw in a raffle from Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat.

It was all a magic party should be – and special thanks go to Joan and Roger Woods and Margaret Guy for overseeing the mince pies and other refreshment goodies.