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July 2015

Unfortunately, our ‘poster boys’ Harry and Mo were unable to make it to the July meeting to cheer on their respective teams  – Harry because he had just had a wisdom tooth extracted.  We wish him well.

It was lovely to welcome some old friends who we hadn’t seen for quite a while . . . and who we hadn’t seen perform for even longer.  There were ten competitors in all – six in the Oldies team and four in the Under-50s.

Ron, looking as fit as a fiddle, kicked off with his rope-through-neck (don’t try it at home, kids), a routine with a train ticket and a Gozinta Box with a surprise Chinese climax – all performed to good old Lanky dialect rhyming patter.  It was just like old times!

Lorenzo (in fact, the only genuine Junior)was up next with a creditable version of the Five Card Repeat, followed by Derrick Smith with a smooth coin sequence.  It proved impossible to keep track of his six silver dollars, culminating in the production of a giant coin.  We hope to see more of Derrick and his slick manipulation in the future.

Harrison Houghton (only recently elevated to Senior status) impressed with some quick-fire card magic accompanied by his distinctive rapid delivery – although including this time a silent sequence. He wasn’t fazed by anything and exuded confidence, ending with his deck as an invisible block. President Roger rounded off the first half by revealing that a chosen card was the only blue one in his red pack, and reversed into the bargain.

Even John Tattersall was with us in spirit – literally, as he had sent along a bottle of Highland Whisky for the raffle in the interval.

Honorary Junior Dave Moss opened part two with more card magic, the four kings turning face up in the deck (yes . . . another four-king card trick!) while the pack then turned into cannibal cards which ate each other in a novel presentation.  

Member’s Day - Battle of the Ages

Allan Clarke, returning invigorated from FISM with a batch of new magic, treated us to a card switch (!), a psychological prediction from a series of large cards, only one of which had a cross on the back, and a prediction effect using a special version of the Phoenix deck which was reported on after the Blackpool Convention.

Martin Seed presented his first ‘public’ performance for us, acquitting himself well with, among other things, a card revelation from a flame and a revolving key on the palm of the hand.  I was also persuaded to perform a card trick after other effects, including a strait jacket escapee and a bullet catch, were rejected by the audience.  This was Kennedy’s version of Any Card at Any Number.

The re-named Donald the Great ended the show in style, with a lovely comedy item in which a spoon became a fork (you had to be there) and a re-run of his Donkey Derby.

This wasn’t intended to be a serious competition, but when pushed our only lay guest, Mick (Lorenzo’s Dad) put the Oldies ahead by a whisker.  All agreed that it had been a fun-filled afternoon with an excellent spirit of camaraderie.