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April 2015

Alan Shaxon 'The sophisticated Sorcerer' presented by Steve Short and Scott Penrose.

Based on their excellent book Alan Shaxon – The Sophisticated Sorcerer, a double lecture was presented by Stephen Short and Scott Penrose (President of The Magic Circle).

Stephen spent the first half of the meeting telling us in an entertaining and humorous way about the life and career of Alan Shaxon using many photographs, video clips and lots of stories and anecdotes. Following the refreshments break, Scott then presented the second half of the meeting and explained eight of Alan’s signature effects including Aerial Fishing, The Ultimate Nudist Deck, Confabulation (explained fully in print in the book for the first time), Headline Prediction, The Captain’s Card Trick and The Card in Whisky Bottle (a Robert Harbin item passed on to Alan when he inherited Harbin’s items).

This was an excellent afternoon and a fine tribute to the late Alan Shaxon whom we remember fondly at The Modern Mystic League as he and Anne were guests of honour at our Annual Banquet in 2005 which was the year of the Centenary of The Magic Circle during the period when Alan was President. The book is highly recommended, as is this wonderful lecture.

Details of the book are available at

Steve Short & Scott Penrose