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March 2015

Despite competing attractions (such as the South Tyneside Festival and Mothering Sunday) a goodly number of supporters turned out to welcome Cody Fisher, from Texas.

From the outset, Cody assured us that he was not a knuckle-busting or finger-flinging merchant.  Why risk the classic force, he argued, when a one-way forcing deck would do the job just as well and have exactly the same effect on the audience? Here was a man after my own heart!

Putting this theory into practice, Cody began with Marked Momma, in which a three of diamonds marked ‘3D’ on the back turned into an eight when the back marking was changed to ‘8D’ with the stroke of a pen – apparently at the suggestion of the audience!  This included a very neat psychological ‘convincer’ that the reiterating deck was composed of different cards.

Twisting Vernon took a ‘twisting the kings’ idea and morphed it with Vernon’s Aces to produce a new effect, while the ‘card to box’, with a nod to Jay Sankey, used a cheeky technique (and a very large hole) to achieve maximum impact.

There was also a gambling routine involving a deck switch, and Cody had for sale the Unshuffled Deck as part of this, along with an attractive, silver-tipped wand incorporating a Sharpie pen.

Part two brought a new slant on the Cornelius prop called Pen Through Counterfeit Money (or Bill for our American cousins) and The Impossible Switch which came about when Cody saw an ‘Omni-deck’ lying in a drawer with an ‘all on one’ card underneath.  This led to the concept of an ambitious card, with all the members of the audience shouting out a card – which thus became the 52-on-one with the ‘vanished’ deck beneath.  A neat bit of thinking.

Cody Fisher Lecture

Cody concluded with a commercial book test involving a joke book and a misunderstanding over the predicted word.

So, there was no fancy stuff but all of the pros present (and there were several) seemed unanimous in their praise of some very workable and entertaining routines.