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January 2015

It feels strange to find myself in the 'hot seat' once again - but this time only for a year to enable Roger to assume the role of President. Our AGM in January fulfilled its prime purpose - to invoke the ghosts of MML Past, MML Present and MML Yet To Come and to honour and thank those who needed to be honoured and thanked. Trevor passed on the chain of office and other bits and pieces to Roger, while yours truly slipped into the Chairman's seat as well as retaining the job of Concert Secretary. The post of 'real' Secretary was taken over by David Moss, following a very impressive spell as Acting Sec. The bloke in charge of the money is now Ian Brown, who we welcome as part of the new-look team. The MeMeL came under new management too, that team now comprising BL (who?) and Allan Clarke, with Donald (the Average) Monk contributing to the visuals. Allan also takes over as Master of the Web, while Donald stays as Librarian. Paul Guy re-joins the committee as Anne Walmsley and Ron Baron step down The meeting was enhanced by a touch of magic as Harrison Houghton presented his initiation show. Very well he did, too; testament to all of the work put in by the Junior team of Allan and Donald plus assorted guests. Adam Hussain (raffle-ticket-seller extraordinaire) was the worthy winner of the Mo Howarth Junior Trophy, while the Les Brooks MeMeL Award went to retiring Editor Trevor Dawson.

And so we look forward

to the future . . .

                                              Brian Lead